Now and then we receive emails from families who have gotten their puppy from us. We absolutely love to keep in touch with owners of our previous puppies and we’ve even had the joy of babysitting one of our puppies(Gus) while his family was out-of-town. Here is a short list of testimonies from people who have chosen us as their  breeder – We know them as “friends and family”

NELSON (and best friend)
Hi Family cavoodle pups
Thought you might like to see our little Nelson, he’s awesome!
Settled right in and doing great.
ALFIE. Hi Cavoodle family,
My partner and I have previously purchased a puppy from you. We fell instantly in love with our little man, named Alfie! He was a little red pup from your previous litter and he is just about to turn 1! His funny little personality makes us laugh everyday. We often joke, that he thinks he is half human! Both Ryan and I have had dogs before but both agree Cavoodles are the most gentle, beautiful, caring, loving natured dogs we have ever encountered. We find it hard to go anywhere without Alfie, he now has his own seat in the car and on the couch and when ever we do take him, the attention he receives is unbelievable. Everyone loves him!
We recently put our friends, Dylan and Alana onto you, as they were looking for a puppy for their 1.5 year old son, which they picked up just over a month ago. They are in love with little Cliffy also! 
We were thinking that it might be time to add to our little family and were hoping you may be able to give us an update on up and coming litters. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,  

TEDDY, Hi Cavoodle family pups,
I just wanted to touch base now it’s been one year since we purchased our little fella from you. We proudly took home “Jaffa” (now “Teddy”) from a litter born on the 1st June last year which Ruby and Richie were parents. Teddy has turned out to be better than we ever expected, we really couldn’t wish for a better dog. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say how well-natured he is, I guess it comes with the breed, needless to say we love him to death. We took him to classes and have continued to reaffirm good manners ever since. Everyone loves Teddy. With the two of us both retired, we are fortunate that he is rarely on his own. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and I think he quite likes us too. I have no doubt that the home environment your family provided along with of course the lovely nature of their sire as parents is a huge reason why Teddy has turned out the way he has. I thank you again, and wish you and your family the very best in the future as we need quality caring breeders like yourselves to continue.
Kind Regards


TOFFEE, at 4 months
Our family purchased our first ever Cavoodle from Family cavoodle pups. We called him Toffee and he has become one of the family.
He has a beautiful nature with a lively and inquisitive personality, he is very affectionate and is most often found at your feet following you around. He gets along great with our 4 yr old Maltese x Jack Russell and our two chooks who roam the backyard, his coat is beautiful and soft and doesn’t shed. We can’t imagine our family without Toffee in it!
I would highly recommend family cavoodle pups if you are interested in purchasing a puppy.The whole process was enjoyable and they kept us informed of Toffee’s progress with emails and photo’s. Their Puppy Hamper was great as was all the information that was provided to us when we picked Toffee up. It enabled us to care properly for our new addition.
If we ever purchase another puppy again we will definitely be contacting you guys again

Anne Gillies

Hi Cavoodle family
It was Howie’s first birthday yesterday. We are absolutely delighted with him and he delights everyone he meets with his beautiful looks and temperament.

He is extremely playful with both people and dogs and not afraid to stand up for himself which is great. He is also very affectionate and obedient except sometimes when it is time to go home, then he tends to go a bit deaf!

He has a doggy door so he comes and goes as he pleases most of the time but at night he sleeps in Nick’s room. He loves going out anywhere and goes for a daily walk or play at the dog park and on Fridays his best friend comes over for most of the day (my sister’s maltese). I am also home with him most days so we amuse each other.

Thank you for such a gorgeous addition to our family, we couldn’t be happier and i’m glad that I waited for the right dog.