Our family cavoodle pups was established in 2007. Celebrating 9-10 years as a family. During this time, more than 80 of our Cavoodle pups have been titled in many parts of the World. 
I’m a Breeder/Exhibitor of many Breeds and Specialty “Best in Show” winners. I breed high quality cavoodle puppies in most colours… Apricot, pure white, black, chocolate, honey-red, and grades of caramel from rich cream to cafe au lait to deep toffee are all represented in our various litters, together with many colours appearing in combination with one colour dominant over the other, or softly graded, or evenly distributed, in Blenheim-style tan and white markings, or in tri-colours of red, white and black.
Our home in situated on a few acres, our country cottage has wrap around verandahs and many varieties of birds bath in our bird baths. Our Cavoodles have their own purpose built cottages where they reside and are socialised with our children.
Our Philosophy. Love is the key. Our adult Cavoodles, Poodles and Cavalier are treated with unstinting love and kindness, and as a result they have a happy, loving, trusting attitude that positively influences their Cavoodle offspring.
We are Best Practice breeders. Our girls’ health and wellbeing are our top priority. We breed females twice in one year, and then they take a complete 12-month holiday from motherhood. This ensures that mums and pups are healthy and happy. We feed Black Hawk puppy and adult dry food, fresh chicken and beef mince and fresh chicken necks.
We follow a full and stringent regimen of vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, and all puppies are microchipped. At six weeks of age, they are also given a rigorous health check. Each puppy is issued with a detailed vet health check report that covers weight, temperature, heart heath, joints, teeth, and much more.. (For a look at a sample report, please click here,)
Please visit us! We strongly encourage prospective buyers to come and see our puppies and the environment in which they are raised. To this end, we organize various times throughout the year for a Cavoodle Love Meet-and-Greet with our puppies – and with us, too. Where a personal visit is not possible for our interstate clients, we will do everything we can via emails, photos, and phone calls to make sure you and your puppy are perfectly matched.
We organize interstate puppy travel to any part of the world but an extra shipping cost that ranges from$170-$250 based on your location. Buying a puppy is not just a business transaction. You are acquiring a family member, one that will be an integral part of your life for many years. My pledge to all clients is openness, fairness and honesty, so that whatever puppy you choose, whatever its colour or gender, it will bring you Cavoodle love.